Thursday, January 28, 2016

spires that in the sunset rise with michael zerang - kata physin (tape/digital, no index)

the best thing going: the great presence. 

airy, feathered, everything in the air at once, rhythms being sucked away and pulled at by the cosmic other-side, flute and strings and percussion and voice exploring their own being in light-year room openness, older messages created on the spot through instrument-poem territorial moon-howl. underneath the soil songs.  

add water and light and breath and lightest touch in freer increments, no guidelines, no rules, living the magnetic slowest of spontaneous growths over higher time.  

improvisation could be cacophony but it's naturally heavy listening, organic in the pursuit and unobtrusive until it needs that extra lapsed gear. then instruments and singing hit difficult speaking vocab/slang moving past the original generating-thing and towards an idiomatic impulse/reaction. always in flow and with the current. searching for more than just musical decisions. 

if out-of-reality (or inside its permutation) could be loudened/translated to the biological, blood alive and mind free in distinct/instinct now, millions of seconds ticking live, the immense power from the few would shake the trees wild with wind and option. and that'll turn the natural to the super. 

closer is a one of a kind dream grower, growing into our dreams, brain-wave activity now a collaborative rapids of coherent musical interplay, completely compatible and moving. 

completely moving.

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