Tuesday, January 19, 2016

abramson / sack duo - aluminuum (digital, self-released)

basics of the geet-drum duel, some extra bits thrown-in for good sound-push measure, but main bulky focus is the primary plot, sparking the fire before the rain sets in. 

"spontaneous compositions" (their words) more than does the summation, but the active participation for listening ear causality can show combustions working as well. low-flame reds soaking out in desperate annihilation. rinsing blue-flame like a colder spillage. 

guitar splashes out and climbs over in slow-death treble-strangulation. drums omni-there, catching the remaining splatter as it spazzes and relaxes in the same inhalating second. 

an array of modified/prepared finger/hand pulling tangents come up to and pass over the matched momentum, toms and snare in loose concentration, busily waxing and waning in steady propulsion, snaking away from handler, but under the brain-thing where it snakes its way back. call it control. 

reading the terrain and cutting corners to get there first, the same-timing wiggles and wipes clean all identifying trails. never the same path twice with no time to waste: where repetition can lose focus, discard the song-feature, it's more paint-removal and electric ice, a million clouds carrying surging charge, striking and needling toward lead-heavy avalanche in storming-eye precision. 

stealth duo rapport thing, liberal with time and contracted, rope-like and constricted. 

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