Sunday, January 10, 2016

summons of shining ruins - epokhế (cdr/digital, moufurokuon)

looping beats and harmonic guitars and what sounds like children playing, but for a second, start out the program. five minutes and fifty-seven seconds has a special meaning here, where the last track shortens/diverts by two seconds. 

they hammer away at their simple parts, creating a wiggled techno of mechanical initiation: from guitar, machine and afield. 

each continuing into the furthering repeat, adding to the paragraph/piece, in sequence, spooling up the elaborated edit.

some great background tornado action eases in the front-carrying, the crisp melodies in chopped haiku trim from the top and work their way down into the drum-kick statue. 

then it really opens up (loops remain). he puts the cards down and waxes/wrangles out some live melody in near-pop double-beat and shines his guitar out into our reverbed world in almost-surf stuttery showdown. but the underneath of distorted squeak is the real table-setter.

and as the ongoing five minutes and fifty-seven seconds works its way to the pattern's end, you get two seconds to think about how many more bushels are left to throw that kick on.

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