Monday, January 18, 2016

daniel thomas - broadcast (cdr/digital, cherry row recordings)

heavy words from the radio’s opener, pulling the carpet and floor out as the voice hits distorted waves of lapping pulse. ashore, getting hit, getting wet, white noise or white caps bringing another part of the world’s foaming lost with it, all long-gone and running away in equal weight/freight.

tracks buried at sea and geared out of murky and discoloured non-pretty patched effect.

submarine soundtracking: constructed sub-clicks prose-drawn in security lighthouse-reach, we’re stranded on this night-beam fuck-of-a-raft while the waterproofing holds. there’s quiet in here somewhere.

and it holds, tight as the last bolt shoring the incline strong.

if these were broadcast, truly, out over the collective paths, and with the natural non-sequence of one continuous hissing concerto, swallowing background/furniture into the forefront of degraded removal-think, we’d be in trouble. good trouble, where the challenge is the tension/drama shapeless all-and-no speaker-crumpling, hipping us to the recesses of the blown-out mind. not saying it’d be easy, but can’t think of a more mucky train-song-centric satire of our ideal sunset. and that always needs a shaking.

when the tools can carve up this kind of spanning/streaming coverage and you have no clue how it all comes together, be it on the fly quasi-improvisation or cut and treated programmatic layering (though i’m feeling the former on this), that careful technique transcends what empties and surpasses the a-to-b sound-creating simplicity. the handiwork champs and is the ultimate order to the proceedings, the manner in which each domino-falling nuance finds, and hones in on, panoramic treasure.

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