Wednesday, January 6, 2016

the spiritual switchboard - post-age variations (tape/digital, baked tapes)

beauty band name and mailer sounds corrupting the passageways. my mailbox heart-beat beating the synthery before i can smack it into the deck. picturing the transmitting wire-cake getting all over the canada post truck via greenpoint's liftoff. it slithers its frizzled watery way over to the tape console, we all lie back on the dream-couch for a few before real-life kickstarts back up. 

with a heavy nod to the electronic and manual gear of before, it's the new touch sliding open the doors and allowing the improvised, doubling figures to shape up and take off in slow and precise development inching/itching into form. 

layers of pushing and ecstatic high-pitching top-drones eventually sink under the beat, the bassy weight shows capsule-like circularity, horse-race static/trotting lines full-tilt go in opposite directions but are jockeyed to the ground-floor hold-down. four hands of the apocalypse filtering and uncovering the glazed trips living on the ends of the routing signal. 

this can be full-on light-sleep narcolepsy. and it can be the stopwatch ticking away at the dramatic thoroughfare of big city life. perfect for landing on tape, perfect for drugging yr stereo, perfect for working in yr speakers. the deck may take on new peculiarities but having it hum along to the emptiness won't take away from its fundamental purposes. these two know the proper cause and effect and are at their best/most locked when placing them over each other. 

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