Tuesday, January 12, 2016

chambers - sigma flare 1 (12"/digital, debacle records)

kicks throb under a thin-ringing rainforest chime, shifting in and out of the target while the pillowed and descending snippet-like phrasings dive out of the way. momentum-gaining, the umbrella of mixing beat and treble, and the lit bulbs sitting atop, covers the night-fall droppage looming. 

the lucky needle sinks into a light-flashing soar of bundled and processed shards riding high on the minimal-seeming (there's tons moving around) foggy-glass contours of a sunken rhythm low pulse. gloved drivers, enveloped and in great destructing condition. bass will be the reminder. 

weaving and washing set and new introductional volumes sky in and out of the progress, keeping the heart-beat movement, robbing it of the flight some of the topper sections eye. the roots of the roughened techno bind it to dirt. the grit makes this, and counters the ambience it could more readily curl up into, the grit wakes the personality and the sense of space into a denser dust-up.

all of the drawn environments are dimmed by the lights-off, middle of the night beatific pathos confining any serene ocean partials to crashing-pitch-black waves you can't quite hear in full. the remaining blue lights offer a window of separation from leading the best sounds/gear down that dreaded bottomless black-hole. i'd say it's the good kind of claustrophobia: a little on edge, but heavily protected. 

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