Friday, January 15, 2016

hokkei quartet - self-titled (digital, self-released)

a right messy stew, but interestingly levitational in the conjure game. a quiet under-breath foursome unique, wading in low volume hunting with an elixir of intrusionary ballast. anchored to a street-market performance style, nutso enough to put off the keeps, but wilder for the fuck-is-this? crowd. 

the longer the squabbles are held and drums are flurried, the more-purely it points at not-just-carnivalesque musicianship.  

horns and what sound like rubber band technologies go toe to toe, drums sit nice in the pocket (great drum-work throughout) behind growing mouth-sound breathing broken-circle gloop. this maintains.

goose horn squealing/powerful tip-top building max-out, fried and peaking. and once in full swing holy-shit this gets bombing. and without having to ask, they decidedly square up to a thunderous and racket-inducing squall.

a voice jumps out, an engine-like guitar rumbles along keeping good time (just keep going), a plunger-bell sits one level higher than the scratchy score, and the group-play in nice recorded stereo severs the freer jazz has-to-be-fire rulebook. they know how to get hot, they just don't throw all the wood in the fire at once. they've spent too much time chopping it specifically. 


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