Monday, January 18, 2016

brannten schnüre - sommer im pfirsichhain (lp/digital, aguirre)

a magickal forest is far too easy a descriptor fairy-tale book for the kiddies/adults, but the elicited growth and birch-opening bark and rooted limbs in groug-hug softness scoot you out of this world into just that. but all hints of thematic notice are pushed through the timeless envelope in effortless pluck.

folk music in medieval secret, the oral tradition passed on through messenger-winds and emotional touches impossible to bring forth into new millennia. have to find it in the instrumentation and pairings, and the ability to lose yrself into potion.

segmented acoustical harmonies of source and findings stitch together with patchwork care, a through-the-walls voice reaches the ears and burrows inside the dreaming nest and scatters like steam. once settled/readymade for stained glass, the poem is sung and joins back together with the abstractions when the farthest-out points find dew. the ghostly consciousness of early morning nothingness mixes well with ideas of co-habitation, where places can be ripped from time and age, used as frantic flower-beds for every sharp re-tooling.

a monster-under-the-bed fanciful music that coos along with the earliest-up (or last to bed) surreality that comes with rebelling against the usual and surviving outside it. delirious and off in dreamt real moments, slipping in superimpositional cradle song syllable. trying to stay awake.

this is part two of what’s turning into a larger book of alchemical collection, with goal to total four, and the unknown well of riddle and success is one chapter closer, tuning to that reveal.

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