Thursday, January 14, 2016

andy livingston - spewlsgold (tape/digital, self-released)

rough-drawn fudder magneticism hip cult music for the addicted radio-dial turner. scary and all weird in hidden message demon act, taped/tapped under the moving seat. voyeuristic staging equipped with the evil-eye controller, manipulated mixing/blend summoning the lectures and call-in of the true and normal and good believers and revealing the mundane fantasm of a prickly bible-code. 

"how do you get going?" 

"how do you get rolling?" 

maybe the answer's in the experimentation. no party's ready for that answer just yet, but give it time and the heavy mood will lessen, has to, has to go somewhere, has to move over the airwaves and through the antennae broken-down from over-use, moves in to the hands and the taped machine spinning it all down to transcribe the button-work and markers book-ending the original lectern's microphone. and the reverse is book-ending the head-set broadcasting vocals asking the questions live-to-air. for those counting, that's pages of boredom-fighting survey. thankfully the stunted/cut-up journey heavily settles down in its socket. in a scene-stealer dub of a dub. 

the answer: tape everything.

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