Thursday, January 7, 2016

expansion bay - core 10 (7’’/cd/digital, pseudoarcana)

nice and mellow directional guitar/amp/synth combinatorial freakout, that both oozes drying/burning reds and yellows from a minimized colour palette throbbing away, and the colours in a peak greenhouse lush-molecule element, where the water-drops - thought to be blue, splash and make more vibrantly green the leaves like marbled glass in sharpest focus, operational in a containing room proper, to cultivate the science from the sounds in frequency add-together.

you can’t tell which instrument is making which sound and they keep busy individually and as a whole as the eyes close further into that determination, and as yr about to picture more imaginative scenery yr already the personal flotation device/demo.

feeling i get: being the only person let into the vine-filled gardens, twigs and grasses stretching across the ceiling and growing/living fast, every branch moving like they're being manipulated on the universe's turntable speed selector, always locking down, to slow. this would be the idealized rate to watch everything advance.

this is brilliantly updated gear-as-grower psych and so stamped with the distinctive: the pieces in the room and the coaxing of the machines is not easily manipulated when the style is so singular and forward-thinking, smart enough to enjoy what’s being created while it’s occurring and helpful enough to push it into more melting red-eye. its heaviness glue is in the turtle-crawl speed and colour-generating lab of arranged texture. 

if these pieces were hangable art, my decorating’s done.

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