Monday, January 11, 2016

jackie mcdowell - new blood medicine (digital, self-released)

vox and zoning here-and-there instrumentation pairings, done in strum and squeeze and shake, all factoring ‘round the full recitation. dutiful send-ups for the searching spirit, turning trails, wandering campfire blow-out-the-flames, restless and awake, taking time. 

lightness in singing it out, repetition’s peaceful response. put it into the universe’s river and watch it head somewhere else. or maybe it spirals around in yr view.

bringing the pieces to life by hipping/matching the routine to the sounds in yr head. be it the keys compressing and/or the strings winking, the ornamentation runs inside the same musical nod. a daily same-thing that conditions the senses to readily imitate the chant.

i can hear the songs forming while they float out through the system, there’s trust in the meditation, there’s trust that the parts will boil and shape, a pact and promise with silence, knowing when and how to break it. playful but inside it, where the blues are, but not worried/fussing with anything exact, this work is communing with the many levels of the natural: landed, beaming, swimming, heightened. 

there’s even a shyness in the musicianship that can partially trick you away from the heat, we’re welcomed in though, we get to link the personal with the feeling. these songs notably catch the blowing call of being unafraid. that playing combo: alone and home (wherever that is at the time) is in tune with a closeness and that powers the invitation to hear inside.

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