Sunday, January 10, 2016

insect factory - slow oxygen loss (digital, self-released)

real deece fragmented satellite-interruption. all perimeter effects-driven goo sticking to main-theme straight-line swell and grip. piling ambience, sampling sonics, the layers eventually settle into wobbled droners, each new sound identifying new harmony, polyphony, build-up structure by the one man, one rig finding and scooping out the experimentation-as-winner.

multiplying rain-drop in arrhythmic note assignment, a pedal board in place of piano modification, extended. what pitch would a bowed voice develop? an e-bow magnetically attaching itself to the vibrations. ever-entering, i’m hearing the parts introduced but fall into the whole/thing, knitting up and around the center, it all meets up with the hanging-back and already-took-off cascadery.

a begging for repeat, short and sweet, three accumulating parts in totalled more-over, pouring over the sides. 

you could stare at all the devices in the world, but you have to get them to speak through you. this is focused buckling dial-in, stuff is appearing and reappearing in weird-time presence ‘cause the parameters are set. everything’s heading the same way. but there’s the resolve, in turning electrical what’s-this into an allied proto-pathic inside relay. meaning: he’ll turn it all into something for us.  

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