Tuesday, January 26, 2016

lujiachi - drums (cdr/digital, self-released)

repeating landscape cluster in fewer points of attack, keyboard swings in viola moves, shooting out and staying close to the delayed and generated reverberations. 

synthesizer explorations based around beat (or heartbeat), where the droning pulse lingers around rich and meditational melody. loner sounds for late night escapism, where the beautiful finds its way to the stars covered by the dark towering city skyline. straightening out the polluted affect into sun clear vision finger point and helping with warding off apparitional excess asking to be left behind. 

you couldn't nail when or where this came from (to answer: now and taipei), just deep and pinned-in sound wanting to get out and attach to air, sailing on the movement of the patched experiment-turned-proper-adventure, finding repetition within the fluctuations, taking off out of the assembly, digging out what's building inside and looking it in the mystical mirror. 

i can take these pieces with me as i drift out of (or into) myself to sleep, or keep them close by for any extended missions needing the temperamental hold-down. 

ultimately hits at feeling somewhere else, or that feeling is the same as being contented enough to go further inside the mind where the superficial here-now juxtaposes starkly against a need for blank space. not the physical other, but the person-other being chased into obscurity. 

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