Wednesday, January 6, 2016

delphine dora - l'au-delà (tape/digital, fort evil fruit)

the dreaming put-to-life mastery of the one, in full expert control. a multitude of piano climbing/trickling and voices and singing surround the ears in a recollective acid-lullaby. start at the inner-most fragment and even the passing-too-fast imagery at the bottom of the mind gets its abstracted musical representation put to chaotic sing-song, folding and unfolding on a stacked-layer whispering of devil/angel gone-blues. 

there's sweet little tickling jazz-sphere or satie-softness isolation, yet so enchantingly in-the-moment to turn it into a parade. a night-dark raving hinted-breath speech awake in the evening ellipsis. 

the music box opens and closes on near-and-never repeating lines, classical moments wander out of the room in black and white stuck-note almost-not-there atonal tinkering. the voices return holding lulling and reaching notes, it's too quietly busy to be held and it's several toppling out in rising and falling free-form collection. 

and i love the dialogue/spoken addition: the voice either sings or speaks and it's coming from the same place. perpetually open and confident and magical. 

the combined expression of one's doing: an adaptive sound world in bright form, shining on and skipping/moving past all that wants to be let out in subtle and grand involvement, a series of elusive dreams recorded and flickering.

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