Thursday, January 28, 2016

sunmoonstar - ibid. (tape/digital, twin springs tapes)

appearing from far away and emerging like past memories lifted on a lush mix, the instruments resting in tranquil posture, split in stereo serene and warm, an ever-rolling circulatory fort-making force-field. vibrancy paired with dissolving crystal-clear performance. 

all shapes are crisp and defined and mesh together in venn diagrammatic blend, yet never lose the contours or balance of the individualistic sun-coated part-thing, recorded lighter than the weight of the keys. 

retold playing twilights like bells in exposed light. 

capacity to search beyond the noted and synchronized tracking, to find it and repeat it, cleanly offers the pervading feeling of the uncluttered mind/body bond. what's out of reach can be underlined and lingered-on like the rest of the fast-forward business, but the sharpening and pulling back and photographic pause can be archived and moved-on from in new moment execution. 

wavelengths getting out of their own way. 

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