Thursday, January 14, 2016

matthew james - start where you are (tape/digital, self-released)

a sustaining start. 

a very open room and nothing's hitting the walls. skying up and waking you to the lucid and slowly making external the boundless psychoacoustical walking zone-out. utter and ultimate peace-look in finding a way. 

is this the tonal underlying bounce-back from the mountain's lowest spot? where the only way to go is in a zagging stroll away from edge and point. what's the opposite of pointillist? unbreaking and smeared, but maybe it's smoothened and patted down to get the aced/laced impression, and it's got to run for several minutes so you can totally annihilate the bad thoughts stewing around. steering that dark stuff towards this new vacant pivot. 

true private press new school aging and warmness that gets a startling near-mean streak of conglomerating synthesis when pushed to the plank. 

piano calls and keyboard responses, a beautifully shimmering climber. the moods can take wild turns imitating life's heavy push and wandering calmness, all expertly examined and laid bare in freeing huge feeling. 

and we get tons of time to hear it all in high-definition crystallizing outlook. can't rush what isn't there, intricacies need context and the rest is left to fall away. 

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