Wednesday, January 6, 2016

luciernaga - live #1 (cdr/digital, self-released)

abyss wake-up in live format: e-bow delivery tongue from slumbering snake. tip is drug in invisible tanpura overlook. 

here's to long form lay-on-the-ground.

two live cuts, both going for/doing the long drone, tones changing over time in moaning chant quality. 

bad trip music if yr brain's too cluttered to slow down: someone's stress in sit-down patience is another's roaming stream in carefree escape.

it's great thinking/knowing this is live, testing the listener into the quiet-down challenge. can you?

just take it out for a walk on a purposeful say-nothing stroll. 

a hair of the build in numero uno has a crispy icing, and the clipping distortion adds to the unsettling puffs of grey-to-black smoke. 

the second live cut opens with sampled spanish oratory, kicking open the hoaxed-chapel doors with a few squelching coughs/bubbles, entering feedback to close them shut. you can peer through the stained-glass but remain outside in yr spiritual quest, guided by the real. 

each has a super glowing, steady peak, straight line to, not unlike a journey up a road with a touch of an incline, with the engine cranking heavy. pace stays put, it just gets heavier and freakier.

two very nice tracks of sustained live lay-down.

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