Thursday, January 28, 2016

forest management - snapshot (cd/digital, sequel)

blur the image and take it farthest away, but not far enough so we can't see what impressions it first left. they'll reflect and act like particles where they can be counted and etched and tallied into outlined form. maybe it's a city that was once background, or the idea of that city is the background, but the available now made to life materializes directly in yr memory and it'll be more of a long-drawn far off feeling, coloured with simple gesture, turned to sound in that same motion, and there's no way it's going anywhere now unless you purposefully try and forget it and you won't and it still won't go away anyway and the marbled structure from imaginary reprographic hindsight will not allow it to go away, it'll sit where you need it to and you can call on it when you need to, but the act of bringing it to life is the sweeping artistic intellectual subverted wink, or stick on head, stick on own head, as the simplest act of impressionistic memory is now flexible enough to transfer to fingers and to the energy they can eclipse when that footprint of atmospheric art made an impression larger than all of the moments inside the thinking and the writing and this writing and the creating of the gear and the eyes and the hands and the mind-established feeling that initiated and was inherited from an idea of an idea of an idea...

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