Friday, January 15, 2016

foldhead - guernica nights (digital, zanntone)

really short and very sweet trial experiments for the freak week's collapse. where each glassed result changes the parameters or furthers the what'll-happen, an opportunity arises in parallel running form nudging our lofted practitioner to please stretch these motherfuckers out/pull at that thread:

monday: hacksaw sped up through the channel strainer in skipping silence.

tuesday: ancient floor tom/kick machine-pulse rhythm panned then centered dead.
wednesday: screeching signal finds purer hertz once let out of the bag.
thursday: best overall sound manipulation and bee-buzz ender.
friday: going for the higher pitch glass-edge ring/ridge bother.
saturday: chopping/staccato termite-chew in a microtone accident.
sunday: sub/bass deep wall-rattler nighty-night enjoy the week...

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