Thursday, January 14, 2016

them use them - the mountain opens its eyes (postcard/digital, arell)

feel as though i'm waking up to the cabin's frozen piano warmed up by space-heating thin-wire in grounded firewood stack. when it cracks under the melt, the electrical floorboard flood brings higher the sitting pulsation and gloopy soot-covered now't dozing. come back to the heat when the temperatures cool in stringing minor-melodic down-play. unwind at latest hours for the feeding back input signal-that-distorts and plugs back into a creating and adapting live set-up. 

very interesting and river-fluid muck hip the mind to the outside and to the scalpel-like quick spears tearing flatlands from nostalgic height. 

there's an easiness and care in making sure the trajectories don't overstay. slightly in awe of what the sounds can do under a timid (don't want to upset the masterplan) dial-turn, just enough, never too far and never in too heavy a hand, like limiting the musical action to certain and refined deposits. all future gain resembling previous moments but under a rapid rush of making them quieter. and melting the pasts down. placating/relocating the younger self through the machine-driven tune-up. fading of the embers/but still watching. 

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