Tuesday, January 12, 2016

souns - ambient a (tape/digital, deep sea mining syndicate)

east van haze dark-day solo splattering gear-trip, booming low-frequency curves or mid-range pan-heavy globs, rolling around inside a stainless/spotted pipe, covering up everything in sight as it moves like molasses-thick liquid to the edges where yr brain can't quite take it. or it warms up to it. 

huge lumbering tracks mimic the air-conditioned nightmares of alley-way/fence-jumping theft stall, copper running out of the heart, back-fired all the way to the outer complexes, downtown is the definitive drainer as seedy/moss fungi finds its way to the magnet.

one place's east end lighting a fire to a coastal sunshine.

existential think-too-much won't get due process (good thing) when the purpling-to-grey-or-black is swamped in single tone refinement. more a disinfecting/affecting sound experimentation on the plastic-wrapped table, varying shades on the deepened/darker colour wheel, spinning itself, while an occasional door flies open and swings the breeze to the particling microscopes in vocational hold. 

going against the desire, starting again at the same spot, teaching a heavy language to think anew, shutting down to start over. getting good/great at hiding the shit-stuff inside, then never-accidentally showcasing it as major importance real-residue and more than necessary to leave behind. and that'll take the shape of something. and art is process. and we'll call it something: proper meaningful.

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