Thursday, January 21, 2016

gary rouzer & anne-f jacques - déplacement rendez-vous (tape, crustacés tapes)

what are the sounds if not generated by the mind, controlled by the built, intuitive and culled from the tactile, negotiated (by long distance collaboration). completely new-sound specific, elegantly never the same piece again.

room throbs of gear settling in to open space and machines cutting out, bowed and semi-scratched lightness hit speaker as a pen would hit heavier-handed paper, the truest amplification of microphone contact, in the red, to bring life to the stories living around us. in the next room, or down the street, or inside material maker-electronics, or on the upright's strings when touched closest with nail or object, time passage as a way of bringing the disparate together, and a tweak to redefine the collection, and to pick out the meaningful from the mundane. 

bugging a room, bug in a room, all of the knocks and taps and fan-turns (or their inverse) are specimen-collected in ramping-up concrete middle-loudness, could be middle of the night even, but whenever it is, time and invention are subverted under the duo's individualizing headlamp, separately, but intricately and expertly collaged now that they intersect.

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