Friday, January 8, 2016

io - test pattern / eedu, efun, aro (video, elegua records)

micro/macrotonal singling sine-wave release with over-top live carve/draw scrape. scratching glass crackly white-static punch in buzzy blank melody. narrative in rounding shapes and their making-sound accompaniment, turning into geometric line-scrawl black-white art continuation.

voice as keyboard hit, looping/loping off glass feeding-back into primer.

modern classical/performance through the standing shadow, other side, in synchronizing/synthesizing match. skipping and wavering in-the-distance undertones meet the quieted upfront tint of a small note placing scale.

in video: points touching before brick-wall accumulation, rounded forms edit away, then return in barely-colour, expressionist paint/music tandem.

a treat to see the visual representation/production come to life, as part of the piece in sound and sight is halled by stranger between tone audio. a near 20-minutes of eerily linearly mapped circuit-controlled designery. 

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