Thursday, May 12, 2016

news from rotational

going to try putting a print zine together a couple of times a year, filled with interviews and reviews, so the online home will no longer house the individual reviews/etc as i've been doing, i will scan and archive the print editions after they have been mailed off/purchased and spoken for, so things will still land here, just in a different form.

will make them available here first, cheaply, before they get archived.

i would love if you keep sending stuff my way, i've heard so much amazing work from all over the place, and i'd hate to lose out on that gift. and i will do my damnedest to write about as much as i can, only now that writing will be in a physical shape that will be digitized later, so if yr okay with waiting a little bit to see the new branches spout from this here rooted tree, i'd be forever grateful.

yrs in action writing/exploring,