Tuesday, January 26, 2016

james place - 2015 (digital, self-released)

hiss/off-structure slipping into that techno beat, the crackling underneath makes for lay-down dance-floor terrificisms, and gives plenty of time to hand-turn a knitted knob. and wrench out the sliding spheres like trimmer pennies being dropped into black and blue fountains. an out of print wish.

snares so quiet the hiss pitches up to the static, steps aside for a sec, the frequencies split and let go for that fourth micro-second, and it fills back in/rides. 

later, the forgotten makes its way to the front and takes up center spectrum. the parts drop in step, robotic, fenced/linked to the same grid, and when they fall away from that mechanical consequence, the program teases the between-note cratered with a spot of the mainline. 

i'd drive around to this if i liked to drive, passenger seat then (un-alone), latest night emptiness and turning flash-heavy angles righted by the rhythms and figurative sketches lining up perfect with everything blinking and looping. momentary glitches devoid of light, timed to also shine and hit ragged road. ripping speed or laying it back: a driving music. 

last track a beautiful lullaby for closing down the day. let it all river-flow and shutter, rewarded, for a gratifying new one's a couple of on/off switches to begin with away.

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