Tuesday, January 19, 2016

sapropelic pycnic - a love supreme (tape/digital, no index)

ode, poem, everything you have for the master, all of it in kind gift-giving correspondence with the leader, to have it sung and played in a shared bow, thought unclasping the soul-life we fiddle with too much, let it all flow out the bottom of the horn/mind and up and out to wherever you want it to go. we get to choose, the moveable being flows through us and is most harmonious when we're open to everything. and this isn't easy. living reincarnated lives to get easier with this. this: a complete letting go to get deeper inside our study. 

so inside it it turns the colour of acknowledgement, selfless and clear-water adorned, the boldness has to meet half-way the sheer feeling, the pilgrimage to the bettering part of self, outside and inside all rhythmic curvature. remote inside-acceptance and open-ended sharing/searching.

voice, when used as leveller, but only functioning when ego-erased, beyond heavy, saxophone-enriched, piano-etude, purely driven, landing everywhere it needs. 

a helluva material-tackle, and the pretense is unseated once transported in this kind of undecorated reverent honesty. 

the pieces modally comb around the momentous, aware of and in the shadow, and steer away from cover, a looking up to, a longing for our elders (the leader) to teach us more and wanting to jump in while the history is live, as it never goes away, and can't be forgotten when it's this purely energized. 

a lasting outpouring of dedication and newness-adopted, knowing that's how the receiver would pursue and respond in kind.

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