Wednesday, January 6, 2016

grand banks - qb4: 1877-1896 (tape/digital, oxtail recordings)

helluva title that combines with 15 years old reel-to-reel tape, like the time it takes to purr that up and roll it back and set the meters, the long-tone cave-tunnel is just about to sweater you up. sounds like film flipping out of the hold, flapping and attached to contact microphone delay turns. the sound of gear firing up and lifting off the table. 

the rest is control and patience, and the duo do a nice job of containing and subtle-shaping with occasional knife-to-tape edit-accelaration to clear the signal path anew and to frig with the stereo image: diamond-edged with sometimes-sharp edges never hurt either especially if to bathe in feedback holler.

knob-hit/click to segue you in, maybe in the time to get outside and roll through those towering and shy wheat fields, sun is holding strong and the shade will last, the years pass, the tape gets wrapped in the oil on canvas, it dries, then yields the light's proper reflection. 

it's weird that technological patch and electrified drift-amplification takes on landscape/still scene/back porch/sprawl significance, but here we are. 

tones/when light, fill in the cracks, but strum-chug a guitar enough and it all centers back in in horizon-view up-there ahead. sun or lights give vision testing cues, and the projectors (amplifiers) still have to wind up and grab at the slack. all of it is spilling into the open microphone air and building in touchable atmosphere. 

time it takes to tear and cool down the output/mind-race (though much quiet) a point-to-point impression holds over through the cloudy sculpture/cabling. throw the amps in the back and they'll still be panting/painting. 

that's the trail to follow.

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