Wednesday, January 6, 2016

mary lattimore - luciferin light (tape/digital, kit records)

tackling the harp with minimal boundary/barrier, just a straight dive-in for the strings and rustle/wrestle. pluck as pure function, instrument-built in practice, or engage in an eye-up with it. just go right at it. let the texture and touch punch out/shake the melody loose. dangle it from the set-up like leaves falling from a small tree, but hanging for a second or two to let the others know about how great their life was. pure function.

when yr this familiar with the tips of yr fingers and the delicate flick or crest (better word) of the vibrating actions, you can explore and dance out groupings of rhythm and bounce, and let the space and microphone eat up the remaining silences. the delay acts as catch-and-release, contact attack and contact letting-go-of.

and if yr going to lug that heavy/impressive/beautiful/ancient mastery around, you might as well sit down and play the hell out of it. encore. 

this is beyond special listening, we're gliding along the length and edges of the striding strings, sitting beside as they cascade out and fill the spectrum in ornate and cutting slyness. the bigger moments seize into smaller pedal-tweak and that strata-balance between the lush/full ripping and messier/freer bits makes it perfectly human. the humming voice at the end only furthers that liveliness.

(also, luciferin light: my fave title in quite some time.)

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