Thursday, January 14, 2016

téléplasmiste / aas split (tape/digital, holectics research recordings)

téléplasmiste, side a, radioclast e.r.a. (112 hz): 

doubled prospects, matched in chords, pulsating the dense minimalism served up on the fault-line platter/patter. not quite the climax scene, nor the introductory lesson, more the long drive/bus ride to the middle of nowhere. stepping through the forest floor, looking down and studying it, reading the bends and soil lineages burrowing into twig stream beds, following the little drips of water out and downhill and under semi-weathered boardwalks leading to greener half-step partiality. if birds could hold the song of their root: emulating breath and pumping wave. not broken from silent cutting, recurrent, reviving current, completely current in fixed grass cartography. pinpoint landmarks, one getting to the other, by two, linking twin module modification under a footpath’s clear geography.

aas, side b, the cult of sonic affect: 

neolithic fountain-makers, sun and sky sourced for polished original arching scoper. happening. of/in the moment. overfull. overing anything that can stand up and take care of its own shape, blasting it out into churn-heavy dulling crescendo. and quick. greater chance the parts spurn out psych in muddy tactile creation, greater chance it acts as one beast, one singular monster crytpic mind catching out. group-bash but less hit-hard rock-thing. dangerous if improperly communed. tight to the path though, rocks more in line with a hammer drill connected equally. connective tissue keeping the rot out. devil-at-bay, or right inside it all, that’s their call to call it. that they let us into this church-of-something corner at all: mighty nice of them. 

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