Wednesday, January 6, 2016

jesse paul miller - jalan jalan - street atmospheres and music in the heart of java (cdr/digital reissue, self released)

live capture: java in outside illumination, day rattling timbre and short airy drifting gamelan in close-up and radio-spot. cars whizzing by. alleyway-holds of vignetted guitar or traffic hanging, singing pursing through the percussive hours. interesting sides of the singer-songwriting backlit, the usual tonal ensemble masterworks hidden within quick-hit smaller make-shift pulse and group-play. strumming guitars and lazy afternoon-like chime and whistle.

differing sounds and melodies keep the flowing miniatures in movement. helps you to get lost in the possibility.

there's a real honesty in the musical offerings, it's part of the landscape and scenery itself, like a bus blowing by only to come back an hour later on the same cycle. guitars momentarily dropped for beverages and chit-chat, taking it all in on the universal no-clock. in lonely snarled falsetto. or chanting in the echoing silence. ending in rain.

if there ever ends up a city and village-wide sound recording global observatory, these radical/interludinal snapshots will be crucial for offering an alternative to the big-band bombast and what-can-seem quite structural and pyramid-like in learning technique/chops: in other words, it's a more on-the-street java take of passing minutes and hours and necessary for the full version's view.

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