Thursday, January 14, 2016

simon mccorry - ‘when we walk side by side what chance will we meet?’ (postcard/digital, arell)

too great cello interrogational look-within and subtlety. masterful bowing and patience, wood and fingers in lock, in expert tone gather. 

loop pedal starting points of willowed simplicity, the add-on's ready for more adventurous and toying sawing. the beauty of the small rig. any place can be animated by long friction's brushed ribbon detail. 

led out through the f-shaped sound holes, in cut-out and fit-just-right movement, the chords quickly squeezing (to exact shape) from inside the luthier'd jewel-box, opening its richness in oozing repeat/lead-over. and when sampled the escaped chords crawl back inside and do it all over again. 

passages, expansive and full, filled by curled/coiling and beginning/ending oneless riffs shoot out and catch stride and swing back around in whirlpooled cyclical easing-down. strung mellow and it's a warm chair pensive in intensity and it's rocking you out through the windows in the attention-catching everyday symbolically floating/flowering by. or take the bowed relief weighing you further into the chair's own hermitage and ignore it all. 

things to get you through the day: the independent self in discovery mode. 

and i'll add: truly beautiful playing.

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