Tuesday, February 2, 2016

hastío - la ofensiva interior (tape/digital, self-released)

field whistles and wind-still chiming glass trickling to passing-by acoustic guitar with accompanying humble chant endeavour. a soft breeze-like relaxer that's thick with a heavy undertone, for the long day or week's work-load and not-completely-yrself needs to be exorcised and blues-drawn while that gale/gaze's at yr back. 

time it and the stringed and sung/called stories come out in an unprepared realness of finger and searching flare, internal/external lake breaks from the complete humming picture. 

hand-speckled marks inside the vast and ever-filled componentry. be it acoustic or the dazing electric guitar in fading tension, the pacing and easiness conveys the pressure-free through patient gold unwrapping. sometimes its pointed and stinging, usually laid-back, always unfussy and tempting time in afternoon-no-worry, playing, extending the day, road-tripping the spontaneity, turning everything into the sun. even the background rain and storm dry out in sunspot turnaround. 

figuring out what you can: outside noise blending with inside point production, making both feel like the other, or rather bringing it all outside to catch the settling waves and to hear areas come alive, like the inner voice that's waiting to spring out from the life of the guitar, or the ability to turn what's under watch into the soundtracked everyday. add/play guitar, and feel it out, 'cause that's real.

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