Friday, February 12, 2016

silent isle - surrounding the dragon (digital, valerian)

the insides of a sensory deprivation tank gathering the mind's intel in wandering/pristine precision. even when its still, the cavern blesses silence into drone. thought equals decibel. 

alone to yr own thoughts, they'll gather and wander off and climb around the room and make spastic sound audible, the purpose is to clear out and settle it all, to find the quiet within the shards of chaos. the loudness or constant brain buzz is simultaneous to the body's busy biology, every little living thing is in motion and propelling, and using machine and voice to sing it out helps with the getting-rid-of and lures that heaviness into personal function. turn out what's in. 

layers, cluttered but each telling a story, the bannered/cut-outs stringing across the space in asymmetrical curves and interactivity, everything growing in the same way, all shading the same spots with texture and curl.

selecting voice-song cuts with delay and real time, establishing chance by way of structural stabs, circling back to remember and to make sense of the production, letting it breathe and jog memory, getting caught up in its cycling and phasing psychology. repetition and unresolved improv and through-composed splashing lyricality. stepping outside and retreating back. turn in what's out. 

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