Friday, February 5, 2016

five guitars for tony conrad (tape/digital, auasca)

five guitars in one subtle stream, moving in the same direction, thin as an inch to start, energy bow clasping the squared tone, microscopically climbing together, neither up or down, as the path straightens out and picks up. 

very little debris is collected along the way, there is no end worth applying for, picture a small camera tracking the rushing and subtle water-play, sidelined, out of the way and documenting, as nothing and everything changes continuously. 

spots of harmonic and overtonal clips brighten as though the sun is light-directing, hitting one guitar then another as they differently breathe and fall in and out of perfect lock. 

i can sense a drop coming (but it may just be a running-out-of end), but am more than alright with journeying alongside the gushing flow, letting the five-forked path return to one over and over again as it can't possibly snake away enough to be rebelling, time is disappearing within the fibers of feeling taken away and being actively reset. 

this grouping is needed for each individualized choice within the framed 'for tony conrad' installation, asking of spirit to be scaled to singular tone and pitch, and the collective decisions are ego-less and shared and filled with mesmerizing returning current. 

and there is a waterfall fortune. restraint, when played this well, can't help but create a crucial and expanding flow. and that energy, like water, and once let out, will total what isn't ready to join its force. then it'll run out restfully. it'll just run out.

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