Tuesday, February 2, 2016

acid fountain - aitana (tape/digital, hylé tapes)

going for the soft spot heart-hit in mover-shaker dance rhythms, the prettiest of melodies circling the bass foundation, kicks and snares in correct spots for head and nod station trafficking. or head right out to the countryside if you can get there, and take in the electronic brushing like you would if staring at the birds or the grasses or the oak trees and if you were trying to make it all power-driven and sequential. plug the tall grass into the deciding chain, grab at the cabling from the protruding roots and attach it to the infinite inputs.

the higher screaming and non-harsh frequency puller ties the lower end to the top in regimented shorting systems. conjunctive reverbs haloing ticking tone.

there's a city grittiness found within but it's also being scrapped for organic landscapes as the pieces and harmonies form and find their wombed center. shedding street and outskirt monochrome/dead-end zones for multi-mood colorants, counting place-time against the spatial-idea of out-in-space, but brimming with familial realities and blisses. going to yr favourite places/times. finding small beautiful beats of blooming wonder in newer appreciations when given the once-over by the pulley-structured computer mind, every turning part can be a motor.


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