Friday, February 5, 2016

jon collin - interval music (tape/digital, very bon/comfortable on a tightrope)

ringing, sliding, feeding back. moving, holding, knocking, pitching up.

the guitar's being turned into a taut and testy live wire crackling with accidental-sounding happenings, tight wooden taps and raps slipping uphill and falling out of the universe's pocket, the sound of coins hitting the ground and papers whisking through air, an object of art in table-sit/knee-lap, creating every great wrinkling sound with every touch and spring-like jostling progression.

there is no a-to-z chording, the instrument is the sculpture, alive with modified being, asking natural causes to magnetize strings for enlightened sparkle, huge splashes of surprised and expert bubbles bursting in glass-sound slide/bow-held principled acts. traditionalism by way of suspended and hyper-slow escalating new music quiver.

positioning included by ear-follow curiousity writing. there are no wrong notes when the swelling and letting go and shapeless angularity resonates in combined technique, action spotting guitar art, with equal spacing for the drops and plucks and scrapes once in the performing clock.

see-sawing over feedback treble points pulling off in turned-to-a-whistle birdcall (or dog howl) holler. pitching up and down and away from definition, living within marked interval insides, where notes and time are bent away from the source and back to it in gliding freedom. 

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