Tuesday, March 15, 2016

wander - kat gat sea (tape/digital, wounded knife)

strayed/frayed build-around, acoustic shimmering guitars in spectrum clearing imaging, composition and improvisation battling over overtones, sitting nice and comfy (though erratic), good drone matching up beside dark play-around finger-picking string rattle. 

dissonant tuning ring-outs, partnered odd done blues, loping within music concrete window-looking, randomized plucking and heavier holds, not quite jazz, it leans more towards stand-still eccentric new-music out-there folk assimilation. guitars in the process of making sound, waking up and falling back asleep to the sound of the chiming time-pass. 

sawhorse wooden experimentation clamping, with the decks in the shop set to wavelength intercept, hushed and clanging ghost-matter backgrounding the makeshift chord shapes inside irregularly timed interplay. secretive sound creation in what sounds like a massive room, accidentally appearing through mind-control lockdown in hard-hitting and theatrical mixing, self-tuned and drama-based for hangar hanging. gear getting the run of the place. 

then back to a hammer-on and spanked out rhythmic-picking plan, where acoustic woods and string sit nostalgically in ear, but are disintegrated against my better understanding, then go away completely for a returning science/fiction foray into deep electric sonar call-about. take a go at rock, now that the nobler folk elementals burned out under gnarly clockwork, but careful with the dismantling, the guitars are clean, they sit on the other side of the glass.

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