Monday, March 21, 2016

adam cadell - street music vol. 1 (tape/digital, cabin floor esoterica)

searching bow work, from-the-heart outdoors trainsong in carriage-minded gallop, violin in fiddle landscape dryness playing alone and for yourself and for the spirits, melodies and rhythms calling out to the universe's spirit book. 

sounding like a real-time sit and play, in life silences, it's wonderful when the teased out gypsy market dances fly off into other lives represented in their nomadic life lyric. 

circular sawing drawing in free hand note release, tracing over sky-born escape, blowing against the winds and with it, tied to place, in specific here-now, tied to roots. 

push the canoe out, set it free, but fill it with shavings stocked from luthier/maker woods, flowering caught thought and growing song and self, motivated by trade and the feelings found after adventure. searching turns into blooming work. 

cars and the softest of bird (?) buzzings and microphone movement/placements blend/bleed into further swirling prose playing, turning into found sound and on-the-street documentary audio footage. fiddle always at the center of the piece but not the sole attention-grab, energies of the day combining/collapsing into recorded hook and cultivated collection. 

scrapes and brushings enhance the raw from the life drifting by and the longer pulls dragging out the creak-spotted chording firm up the folk art ideas stuck in the ether.

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