Tuesday, March 8, 2016

spectrum control - hunters at cyber dawn (tape/digital, field hymns)

throwback kraut-curve simplified center-of-the-eye rock. when cave-people get their mitts on electronical sine wave control and somehow shoot sound to space. but hyper relaxed, unwaried, before and after the mind totally snaps to. 

the limitations of the direct tools keep it hazed-out and perfectly in the pocket. it's exploring and adventurous but tied down to psychedelicized riffing/dream passages. crackly blown-speaker guitar treats melt the room both loud and quiet, filling it lava-thick with atmosphere over bombast. 

you need a maturity and past life to know when to take the foot off the gas, the pressure-release of climbing something up and hovering, working alone and finding paths through the residue, learning, controlling the pace and the intensity, hitting at hallucinated vignettes of the deeper mind. i think the minimalism of the set-up powers this into total craft, work with what you know, get right inside it, turn it into form.

pain-killer blues, a city under water music. just enough overdriven paint strokes to electrocute the unprepared. i'd say stoner something something, but that wouldn't understand/comprehend the fuller intent and soft lucid manufactured eyes-roll-back zoning. repetitions meet full-on higher head-trip pathways. a feeling of being high like life-blood bliss, philosophy you don't have to think about.

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