Monday, March 21, 2016

steve palmer & matt beachey - slow clarity (tape/digital, cabin floor esoterica)

hacksawing content doubling almost shrieks into a static noise spectrum turnaround, but the players involved are too adept to let that draping touch-nothing drone just stand there, fingers will have to hit strings and keys and their finger-picking/dropping backgrounds nimbly coax out lusher and more spontaneous instrument locking. 

there’s a real nice listen and respond and join-together happening that keeps the more laid-back rolling-out structures, and the improvisation needed to know when to pull back and when to match parts, in a pulsing and throbbing quiet-burn intensity that comes with partnering new folk with minimalist and repeating older-time blues and banjo-like appalachia. 

this seems like a project that keeps the musicality loose and finger-tip explorational, moving away from truer folk forms of songic structure and turning them inside out with the more dissonant and patterned true nature of duo formation playing in a more blissful or zoning style, allowing sound and the extra things ringing out equal place in the pyramidic platter. 

the intimacy of the directness, where we get to sit with the overtones and our ears in the speakers, that in-the-moment heat, it fills up and leads us towards that bottom-of-the-mind leaner of phasing precariousness/participation. the droning plucks and pinching now filling the room and taking our minds away from everything else as we track the shadows and light dispersing and follow the strung semi-sparse fluctuations changing in a similarly subtle way.

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