Tuesday, March 1, 2016

private investigators - disturbing the void (tape/digital, deep sea mining syndicate)

wild and dark crescendo-tense synth and electronic fuckery with a demonic pulse center, bad-trip relevancy and a freezing/frightening staying-still noise crumble deepener. 

the palette of crittery sound is grappled and gorged within quantum tunnelling, the tones and free-hand accents creatively add new source and function to the line-drive drum-knob stunted putter and stubbornness. and as quick as that ride dubs off, any drum-timbre is swept under tornado/machine auto-body smothering weld. parts are blown off and others are soldered together to form new sound night riff jamming. improv welded to the last bits of structure from pre-meditated gear-proposal in bursting techno, missing (good way) recognizable signature. 

canadian super-stretched western-reaching landscape usually filled by vast and incomprehensible skyline/distances is something else at night where the drives and the stars bring moods heavier than expected, and the existential vastness mimics more than you can grasp at. and i think this hits at that. the darkness and hugeness can get downright eerie when the moon's out in largest freaked-out night-time loneliness and it's peripherally/peering closer than it should. all roads way-off leading to nothing. soundtrack that feeling of being less than a speck in the dark of night where the day ahead seems impossibly far away and hidden in mirage-sending visual-fake-out. climb that suggestive mountain when the lights are off. 

name-sake title track finishes strong, a charging and tripping composition in slow-motion static-pushing sonic exit. 

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