Tuesday, April 19, 2016

gamardah fungus - herbs and potions (cd/digital, flaming pines)

plant mutational blow-up molecular, buzzing and chirping insect/bird-life growing old in amplified and sped-up outdoor grasp, veins on leaves creating melody and photosynthetic musical transportation. and when in the exacting prism, microphones extend as extra branch/limb instrumentation and drip the collected medicinal sap as footprint locators, as documented time-spots trim the greening score back to the human interactive, delicate enough to keep a dissolver's trace and collaged just right to fill the gardening foliage.

guitar takes over while staying camouflaged in the bushes, peeks out animal-like within the full-shrubbed shadings, undisguised by its breath and inflection, and sits somewhere between liquid and membrane. take a lay down in the grass and touch fader to reversing delays and field response.

a language not concerned with turning one thing into another or in masking any original source, though wordless, the composition flows through the organic ideas of slackened growth and hyper-tuned micro-listening. time-lapse of flowering/colouring shape and shadow attached to antique stem, shined up by dreaming guitar.

at times the background rains and gear-additionals create looping arrangements and can duplicate trains whirring past open window escapes, voices heard far off collect with the guitar and the drifting notes of sonic tree-ruffle/paper-sound separate out from a static underlay and slowly disband.

all dissonance sharpens against the electricity running from place-time root to leafing/living tip and catches up to the slow-flowing whole. lifted out and into handled aquarium. 


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