Thursday, April 7, 2016

charlie ulyatt - dead birds (tape/cdr/digital, self-released)

full-bodied rich glowing chords and picked guitar notes, lush with organ-similar overtones hanging in the air over every move, with a nice trebled and angelic tone carving through the wanted-forest in front. the sound of brush in coating form, the wilds retrofitted with a sustain pedal from a piano-like sing, an amplifier naturalism blending in with the greens and blues and greys, leaving trails and poems at touched sitting/standing spots. the massive open and holding harmonics hallow the landscapes back to humanity with a desolate feel cured from awe and tuned to near-optimism.

everything outside is in a state of regeneration, terrain dries up and will get wet again, the brightness placed over the pensive playing acknowledges a cycle, a night journey for outer stars and an early wake-up for the winds to start again in a kinder way.

wanting to be a part of the imagery and the awakening of the wooded and greened lands, specific sun-hit or climbing hill, electrified six-strings in osmotic wherewithal, environmental exorcistic letting go, taking and leaving and honouring.
not quite the sound of rain showers on tin, but close, a clean metallic wind chime ring, thickened by rounded speaker curve and sonic suspension. from speaker to the land, as if freed to co-mingle with distance and topographical height/highs.

can be tent drifting for night lay-down use, or brought along when collecting the well's water in earliest arrival. less overt desert as others try, there's a fullness and painterly wind to this that separates it out and flags it to a place, adding gentle autobiography.  

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