Thursday, April 14, 2016

el is a sound of joy - plus (cd/digital, no index)

(album stream found here)

jangled cluttering peripheral waves, a great many mellow tones and silent bridging, full band in march/punch, the finer-tuned mathematical jazz thing mirrored by open spaces and crawling modern individual instrumentation. rollicking outer carefree wind-ups find solid in-the-pocket timing. 

call-response horn matching and braiding willing to finish each other's statements, riding/sliding on freewheeling speedy and colourful pulse, soft swings, doesn't always blow loud, finding matching backbeat and superimposing pattern. a larger band brewing group-play with rocking collaboration, playful and serious interplay in seconds-happening transitional think, sometimes sounding spliced and jump-cut rhythmic despite the improvising nature and open timbred semi-chaos. 

the quietest parts wield eerie otherness, i can't quite nail it down, the feeling is revelatory and accidental and heady, a connecting mind with synapses blinking, where chance moves add to a structural plan, blowing the air up, then resting back into a dazing and alien world-music folk-like sessional. 

guitars and synths and violins and woodwinds and rattling percussion, some subtler electronics and ngoni even, total this to a wild hybrid line-up, clacking and metred gamelan underneath electric piano, lilts from a bird-call horn or flute blowing breeze-tone breath, duos form trios and extend out into six for a few of the boomier moments. there's a coming and going where the sound is continuous and floating and the players walk into it and join it. they're making/realizing the music and finding intuitive notation in the cosmos simultaneously. a new thing working a small community harmony.

plus, capital a, plus. 

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