Wednesday, February 17, 2016

rev galen (10"/digital, okraina records)

poetry, by way of galen e hershey, grandfather of catherine hershey who sings, with instrumental and voice accompaniment by gilles poizat, voicing and finding harmony, embracingly elegant and perfectly tuned. the almost unfinished, but completely unbusy, found-photographic nature of the ballading fragments helps the creators-total find the meaningful in the words and to dress them in particularly honest and paired skill.   

celtic-like whisper beautiful singing, in rounded and shaped folk tradition, melodically in a rich as-a-life-working/lived, sometimes emptying in a cappella solo freeze, and sometimes in droning and mysterious older times of perception, a remembering of other works and belief, calling out to the fields and the day's labour, and calling out to the clouds and the sky and what may sit behind and on top.

strongest memories of family and the words written in poetic descriptatory fate, in lullaby-simplification, yet filled with ode'ing winks and the yellowing of sun-hit outdoor vibrant footage uncovered in the attics and suitcases of our wiser histories. writings of specific times and feelings transposed/translated to warmth-as-a-reminder lamp-folk, lighted by ancestry and carried by the family tree.   

lyric-songs, poetic in aged language, instruments turning to olden tones prettily adding together in harmonic match, trumpet lonely but in confidence quietly mirrors the quieter voice sculpting the two into a singular climbing breath fogging the windows and wiping clean the last notes on turning wheels and the last reverberated echo drops off into the other rooms holding the melodies tight. they'll be sung again.

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