Tuesday, January 26, 2016

gregg skloff - haze rupture (tape/digital, self-released)

counterpointed feedbacks and rumbling low-end drones clinging to white-noise eventuality, lowest of notes being held to turn speakers into bombing shards head-level and running hot. fired up gear-release and the bass-strings vibrating, and barely having to be touched, in loudest formational colour-turn. 

let it gather wheeze and effects-painted accentual wall-of-sound so large the heaviness released from one man's bass with its huge drenching what-the-hell opens lysergic doors to wah'ing moan-psych and outsider-rock (minus the band). 

my kind of amp exploding, push everything until it folds itself up on the edges of the cones and blows out in overdriven/flooded support. 

great, great sound-creation and the washing wealth of electricity is dizzying and psychedelically-true, brain melts into newer shapes and stuns the mind from thinking the same as before, and the small pickups turn wood into dust and you'd think they should be as large as tree trunks to get that kind of width and granularity. 

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